Ancient theater of Messene – Kalamata – Petalidi – Koroni

Athens, early in the morning. We are picking you up from your hotel or apartment and driving to Peloponnese, where we are going to visit all the above magnificent places and meet the Ancient Greek History and the Modern Greek beauties!

After having the necessary stops-breaks for snacks and pictures, during an adventurous journey, we reach our first station, the Ancient Theatre of Messene, which is considered as one of the biggest theaters of the Ancient Times and Roman Period. Laid in the center of the town, this monument of impressive dimensions, used to be not only a theater, but also a site of mass political assemblies.

Our next destination is Kalamata, the beautiful capital of Messinia prefecture and a port of Peloponnese. A welcoming city, combining the sandy beaches of Messinian Gulf with the magnetic landscape of Taygetos Mountain. Kalamata, whose ancient name was Pharae, is able to offer you many interesting views and visits, while you will be delighted to taste its local kitchen. 

Plenty of sensations and feelings, we are leaving Kalamata to visit our tour’s next destination, Petalidi. This small town is a particularly popular resort and attracts many local and incoming tourists, since it provides a variety of landscapes, able to satisfy anyone’s needs and preferences, as well as a host of restaurants and cafés.   

We are leaving Petalidi to meet our tour’s final station, Koroni or Ancient Assini, another enchanting seaside town, amphitheatrically structured and surrounded by a variety of beaches. Koroni, with its Venetian Castle and its picturesque neighborhoods, is an attractive and popular site for family vacation and not only.

Having completed our scheduled trip, we are leaving Peloponnese, having kept deeply in our hearts all this unforgettable experience and driving back to Athens. 


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ancient theater of messinia

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