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You always wanted to see the place where one of the most famous battles of the ancient times happened and also discover where the most well-known Marathon of the world happens? Let us show you Marathon.

Starting from Athens we are taking the Marathon route where Pheidippides ran the opposite side – towards Athens- to announce the great victory against Persians. When he arrived to Athens, he yelled We have won, and then he passed away.

First stop is the Archaeological Museum of Marathon, where we’ll see the memorial column that Athenians build in order to honor the great victory against the Persians. Part of the exhibition is the history of the area, findings from prehistoric cemeteries and a roman sanctuary, dedicated to Egyptian gods. Moving on to the Tomb of Marathon fighters, the place where the192 Athenian soldiers who died in the Marathon Battle were buried. Next, is the place where the Plataeans who were killed to the Battle are buried. 

Final stop of our trip is the Marathon Lake, an artificial lake that is used as one of the reservoirs that supply Athens with water. It was the main water supplier of the city from 1931 (when it became operational) until 1959. It was constructed between 1926 to 1929. 

After we admire that important construct we return to Athens.


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