Temple of Poseidon – Cape Sounio (Morning trip-Half Day)

Athens has an amazing south coast that you have to visit. Let us guide you through, and let yourselves fall in love with the places and the view.

Starting from Athens we are heading south, our first stop is, the Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounio. It is dedicated to the Poseidon, god of the sea. The temple was built from 444 to 440 BC (the Golden Era of Pericles), on the top of the ruins of an older temple from the Archaic area. It is said that in the center of the temple was a more-than-6-meters high, statue of Poseidon. The place of the Temple was important not only due to its proximity to the sea but also it was a sign for the ships arriving, proving them that they were close to Piraeus. Can you imagine swimming and seeing ancient ruins at the same time?

Cape Sounio is a unique place, from there you’ ll gaze Aegean Sea and feel the unique energy of the place. We’ll arrive there on time so as in the end of our trip we’ll enjoy the view on Aegean sea .

Then, with the eyes full of the beauty of the place, we’ ll return to Athens.


Cape Sounio
Cape Sounio
Cape Sounio
Cape Sounio

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