Sparta – Mystras – Arcaeological Sites

Athens, early in the morning. We are picking you up from your hotel or apartment and driving to Peloponnese, where we are going to visit all the above magnificent places and meet the Ancient Greek History and Legends!

After having the necessary stops-breaks for snacks and pictures, during an adventurous journey, we reach our first station, Sparta. A really beautiful city, capital of Laconia area, built between the mountains Taygetos and Parnonas and surrounded by the perfume of its numerous orange and lemon trees. Sparta is well known for both history and mythology: Leonidas, the brave hero who faced with his 300 warriors the great Persian army in the legendary Battle of Thermopylae and Helen, the beautiful wife of Menelaos, king of Ancient Sparta, who created the motive for the War of Troy.

Plenty of sensations and feelings, we are leaving Sparta to visit our tour’s last destination, Mystras. This city, which is included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List and characterized as the “wonder of the Morea”, is a castle city with many byzantine churches. During the Byzantine Times, Mystras was the second stronger city after Constantinople, while we will be able to be witnesses of some of its old glory’s remains, such as the wall and the palace’s ruins.   

Having completed our scheduled trip, we are leaving Peloponnese, having kept deeply in our hearts all this unforgettable experience and driving back to Athens. 



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